Warren Wolf

Warren Wolf

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7:00 PMWarren Wolf
Featuring: Warren Wolf and the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate All Stars
Session #1PerformanceRonnie Wells Main Stage


8:30 PMThe Vibes Summit
Featuring: Joe Locke, Warren Wolf, Joseph Doubleday
Session #3PerformanceRonnie Wells Main Stage


Warren Wolf, born in Baltimore Maryland, was gifted a strong musical talent starting at 3 years of age. Mr. Wolf studied a number of various genres, from classical, ragtime, and JAZZ. With his father being his first guidance, he had many other great figures to look up to. While attending Peabody Preparatory and Baltimore School of the Arts, he was instructed by former Baltimore Symphony Orchestra member Leo LePage and current Baltimore Symphony Orchestra member John Locke, respectively. After graduating from the Baltimore School of Arts, Mr. Wolf then attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. There, he got the opportunity to meet other talented artists to recognize his work and helped him perform all over the Boston area. One out of many noteworthy accomplishments to be recognized was co-leading a quintet with Jason Palmer at the historic Wally’s Café jazz club. After graduating and working 2 years for his college, Mr. Wolf made the decision to further his musical journey and become a professional musician. Currently, Warren is involved in 3 big name groups. First he is a drummer and travels with renowned artist Beyoncé Knowles. Secondly, he is a member of the Donal Fox Group. Also, Warren tour and perform with Bobby Watson’s “Live and Learn” Sextet, Karriem Riggins “Virtuoso Experience” and Christian McBride & “Inside Straight.  With many records out, Warren has traveled the world with his music and continues to progress with his journey.




Warren Wolf performs Duke Ellington

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