Janine Gilbert Carter

Janine Gilbert Carter

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4:00 PMJanine Gilbert Carter
Featuring: The Janine Gibert Carter new CD release "My Foolish Heart"
Session #4PerformanceRonnie Wells Main Stage


Janine Carter was introduced to gospel, Jazz, and Blues at a very early age by her parents and grandmother. This Pennsylvania native cannot remember a time when music was not a part of her very existence. She began her musical journey like so many contemporary artists as a member of the choir at her church in Aliquippa, PA. She also had the opportunity to expand on her solo performances as a member of the Bach Choir of PA which performed some of Broadways most exciting musicals. Janine continued to use the gift she was given to perform at various functions and special events until she relocated to the Washington, DC Metropolitan area in the summer of 1988. With the Release of “At Last” this will mark Janine’s seventh exploration. She has released six previous CD’s in two different genres; (Jazz) In the Moment, A Song For You, Inside A Silent Tear and Sailing (Gospel) God Spoke To Me and Janine Gilbert-Carter & Friends Live at the FMJS quarterly gospel concert. Janine’s prayer is to have a positive effect on all that hear her music and to exude the feeling of warmth and love through her music.

The Janine Gibert Carter will be showcasing her new CD release “My Foolish Heart”


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