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The Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival (MAJF) is the proud production of the Jazz Academy of Music, Inc. The MAJF is a straight-ahead jazz festival the occurs every year over President’s Day weekend. We offer 3 days of jazz music on 5 stages running simultaneously. Three of our stages are paid stages and the remainder are free. Volunteers are needed to fill various positions in order to ensure that this coming MAJF is a success. The chart below details the position and its associated responsibilities. The chart below also details the benefits or perks you will receive for volunteering for a particular position, whether you will be required to stay at the Hilton Hotel where the festival is located and the extent of the MAJFs contribution to your hotel room costs. Depending on the nature of the position, we are providing free or discounted rooms at the hotel.  Positions that provide for free and/or discounted rooms as perks require that you commit to 10 hours of volunteer work over the course of the MAJF and hours may not be consecutive.  Commitments of less than 10 hours receive a MAJF volunteer t-shirt and one ticket to a show of your choice for every 5 hours worked.  The minimum number of hours required to for volunteering is 4 hours.

Please review the chart below and select the position for which you are interested and click on the link the bottom of this page to apply for that position. Please be sure to compare the number of positions available to the number of positions filled to determine if the position that you are interested in is still available.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival. Get Involved! Volunteer!

On-Site Req.


# of Positions

# Filled


Position Perks

(10 hours or more commitment required to be eligible for these perks in their entirety)


Stage Manager 3 2 Manage the stage performance logistics.  Ensure the presentation of acts occurs on schedule.  Ensure that the stage set up and sound is as artist requires and as agreed to by MAJF.  Interact with performing artists to ensure proper and timely execution of performance.  Must work with Executive Director, 2 months prior to the MAJF for logistics planning sessions and training.  Must be available full time during the festival.Successful candidate will have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, have a working knowledge of jazz music performance, including sound, instrumentation and staging requirements.  Prior experience as a musician and/or stage manager in a jazz performance setting is a plus. 2 Free nights in the hotel.Access to all shows when not working. MAJF Volunteer T-Shirt
Stagehands 5 0 Assist with stage set up before, during and after each act on the main stage.Successful candidate must be able to lift equipment of up to 25lbs, move chairs and music stands.   Must work a morning or afternoon shift of minimum 6 hours. 3 nights @ a room rate of $84 per night.Access to all shows when not working. [seating subject to availability].MAJF Volunteer T-Shirt
House  Manager 4 0 Manage audience logistics including ticket taking and seating.  Ensure all who enter have a ticket or a pass.  Solve any problems or issues that arise in the house.   Coordinate with stage manager as to start of concert.  Manage patron entry to ensure timely and efficient entry and seating.  Train and manage house ushers.   Full Time managers must work a minimum 6 hours each day switching mornings and afternoons with colleague.   Part-time must work a minimum 3 hour shift.   Full-time house managers must attend 2 training sessions prior to festival.Successful candidate must be able to stand for 3 consecutive hours, have managerial experience and have good interpersonal skills. 2 nights @ a room rate of $84 per night.Access to all shows when not working.MAJFVolunteer T-shirt.
House Usher/Ticket Taker/Door Monitor 15 0 Serve in the following capacities as required for the  various stages:

  • Inside seating usher to assist patrons with locating a seat;
  •  Inside door monitor to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not enter the performance halls through staff only entry doors;
  •  Outside door monitor to ensure individuals do not enter performance hall in the midst of artists performance, interview or lecture;
  • Ticket taker
  • Must work minimum 5 hours each day as needed (am/pm).  Will alternate mornings and evenings over the course of the festival.


Successful candidate must have good interpersonal skills and be able to stand for at least 3 consecutive hours.  Prior experience as an usher in a performance hall is a plus.

2 nights @ a room rate of $84 per night.
MAJF Volunteer T-shirt.


Office Assistant 2 0 Assist  the Jazz Academy Business Affairs Director with various MAJF administrative tasks, including creating musician packages, and festival credentials, tracking tickets for will call, vendor payment tracking, inventory of equipment and signage, beginning  3 months prior to the MAJF event.  Acquire working knowledge of all aspects of the MAJF activities, schedules, policies and artist requirements in order to effectively assist and problem solve during the festival.  Work in the on-site MAJF Office  answering questions,  taking phone orders for tickets and other inquiry calls, making copies, interfacing with hotel and other service staff and assisting the Festival Executive and Business Affairs Directors in general problem solving.  Position requires proficiency with MS Office, excellent organizational skills.  Ability to create flyers etc., using In Design is a plus.   Must be available to work on-site at hotel beginning Thursday evening and help with office break down on Monday after the brunch..  Must work a minimum 6 hour shift each day during the festival, either morning or evening alternating with colleague. 1 Free hotel room night during the MAJF. [One position receives Fri and 1 position receives Sat night]. 1 Additional night @ a room rate of $84 per night.Free Access to all MAJF when not working in the office.MAJF Volunteer T-shirt.
Executive Director Runner/Assistant 2 0 Assist the Executive Director with ad-hoc festival logistics and scheduling.  This position requires the volunteer to shadow the Executive Director, to run errands and to solve for a variety of logistical challenges during the course of the festival.  The position also requires a constant awareness of the Executive Director’s schedule and ensuring that the he is aware of the current time and his appointments during the festival.The successful candidate will have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, be able to lift at least 50lbs, and can traverse the hotel property quickly, moving from one performance stage to another. 1 night @ a room rate of $84 per night.Access to all shows when not working.MAJF Volunteer T-Shirt
Box Office Attendant 3 0 Sells tickets, processes ticket exchanges, answers general questions.  Must attend 1 training session prior to the event.The successful candidate must have a strong financial acumen and the ability to execute cash and credit card transactions in a fast paced environment.  Previous experience as a cashier is helpful. 2 nights @ a room rate of $84 per night.Access to all shows when not working.MAJF Volunteer T-shirt.


Store Manager 2 0 Manages souvenir shop sales.  Sets up shop by organizing merchandise, operates cash register, assists customers with purchases, opens and closes the store and ensures store is manned during open hours.Successful candidate must have excellent management skills with a background or experience in retail or event souvenir sales. 1 Free night in the hotel. Access to all shows when not working.  MAJF Volunteer T-Shirt
Store Attendant 4 0 Supports manager with set up and/or opening and closing the store, assists customers with purchases.Successful candidate has excellent interpersonal skills and enjoys sales.  Experience working in a retail store is a plus. 2 nights @ a room rate of $84 per night.Access to all shows when not working.MAJF Volunteer T-shirt.


Drivers 3 0 Sets up pick up and drop off schedule for MAJF Artists.  Ensures that car is at appropriate points to transfer Artist to and from Airports or Train Stations to and from performance venue.  Performs drop-offs/pick-ups as scheduled.Successful candidate will have a good driving record and an excellent knowledge of the DC Metropolitan area geography. 2 Free nights in the hotel. Access to all shows when not working. MAJF Volunteer T-Shirt
Green Room Attendant 2 0 Greet performing artists.  Monitor door and prohibit access to unauthorized individuals.  Ensure safety of performing artist belongings while they are performing.  All persons in the Green room should have either an artist or staff badge.  Artists that are not performing are not allowed in the green room before the performance unless the lead performing artist grants access.Successful candidate should have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to manage room traffic.  Background in security or managing a holding room for artists is a plus. 1 nights @ a room rate of $84 per night.  [One position receives Fri and 1 position receives Sat night]Access to all shows when not working.MAJF Volunteer T-shirt.
Artist Liaison 3 0 Escort for performing artists.  Ensures that artists are aware of performance and appearance schedules during the festival period and that they attend events as expected.  Makes sure that artist has appropriate MAJF equipment, etc., in place to meet their contract requirements.  Locates Artists who fail to report to designated event as scheduled.  Reports to the Associate Artistic Director. 1 night @ a room rate of $84 per night. [One position receives Fri and 1 position receives Sat night and 1 receives Sun night]Access to all shows when not working.MAJF Volunteer T-shirt.
Band Competition Student  Liaison (Student Volunteer) 4 0 Serves as liaison and escort for band and combo competition attendees.Successful candidate must be high school or college student studying jazz music. Access to all shows when not working.MAJF Volunteer T-Shirt