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Tacha Coleman Parr and Anthony Compton

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Tacha Coleman Parr and Anthony Compton Duo

The repoire between these great friends is reflected in their vocal harmonies and their mutual love for the music!  You may hear Joni Mitchell, Frank Sinatra, or a straight-ahead piece by Wayne Shorter with a twist.

Tacha Coleman Parr

Tacha Coleman-Parr began singing “before she could walk” as a child in her mother’s North Carolina church. As a member of the church choirs and school choruses, Tacha developed a love for “any thing that could be sung” including choral and chamber music. Tacha was once told by a voice instructor that she “did not have the voice for R&B or Gospel music” and she should focus on Classical music. Little did that instructor know that her words would send Tacha straight into the arms of both R&B, Blues, Gospel and eventually Jazz. Tacha began singing with several area R&B and wedding band, and in 1997, under the direction of Leon E. Roberts, Tacha joined The Saint Augustine (Roman Catholic Church) Gospel Choir (Washington, DC) in which, she became a featured soloist, delivering both straight-up gospel and choral pieces with equal conviction and ability. Ms. Coleman-Parr also sang with The Washington Performing Arts Society’s Men & Women of the Gospel Mass Choir, The St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Choir (soloist), Sounds of Symmetry (a local choral ensemble). She was the featured vocalist for the Charles “Rahmatt” Woods Band – a DC based group in which she interpreted blues, jazz, pop, and R&B songs superbly without resorting to merely imitating the popular recordings. In 1998 Tacha formed her own band, Intuition, which delighted Washington Metropolitan area audiences with their blend of jazz, blues, and re-interpreted 80’s R&B and rock tunes.

In 2004, Tacha began focusing on straight-ahead jazz by studying with Ronnie Wells and Ron Elliston at the Elliston Studio for Jazz Studies. Since then, she has continued her studies with Wayne Wilentz, Rebecca Parris, Giacomo Gates, Jessica Boykins- Settles, Connaitre Miller, and with Ron Elliston. Tacha has the uncanny ability to be sincere to the musical form that she is performing (be that gospel, jazz, R&B, classical) while adding a hint of the other styles, and musical influences, that have helped make her, the unique talent she is.


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