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Vocalist Lavenia Nesmith began singing in church as a child in her native Washington, DC.  Not surprisingly, her major musical influences were in the gospel world, most notably Mahalia Jackson.  After earning a music degree from Federal City College, (now UDC), Nesmith married and raised a family.  In recent years, she has returned to more regular performing in both gospel and jazz.  In her Tribute to Mahalia Jackson, Nesmith tells the singer’s life story in words and song.  Nesmith performed one of those songs at the Kennedy Center’s celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the March on Washington.  In addition, Nesmith is Executive Producer and performs in a Tribute to Female Legends of Jazz, “SISTA’S CAN SA-A-NG” which is being featured Sunday at 2:30pm on the Ronnie Wells Main Stage of the 2016 MAJF.


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